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The combination of Bodyscan and Q.R.A. (Quantum Reflex Analysis) exceeds anything else identified by the Greatest Doctor Method

Gil Greiner, BnP II & Betsy Greiner, L.L.C.

Because of our backgrounds in psychology, the emotional work and insights possible with the BodyScan are always in the forefront of our work. We have a strong belief in their importance in the healing journey.  We discovered the BodyScan after Gil was diagnosed with cancer in l995. Having studied classical homeopathy for many years, we clearly understood that the BodyScan presented a way to facilitate these principles and maximize their results.

The BodyScan has made possible the bringing together of many disparate disciplines, studies and experiences into a valuable service for our clients.  Our clients have come to us only through word of mouth. We have had some referrals from other health care professionals we know personally. Many of our clients are also cancer survivors, with whom we enjoy sharing the information we gained through Gilís experience.

Gil graduated from Naropa Institute with an M.A. in Psychology. His background is in the addiction field of community mental health. He also has extensive experience in fitness training and performance body building, as well as nutrition. Through his personal experience with cancer, he has studied the many traditional and alternative treatments available. He is a graduate of IABP.

Betsy graduated from Naropa Institute with an M.A. in Psychology. Her background is as a Nurseís Aid, and she has extensive experience in the field of alternative nutrition and cooking. She is a graduate of IABP.


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