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          The ball is in your court, as you're about to see, one byte at a time.

The Route Of Great Mastery is the largest human creation of all time.
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The ball is literally in your court.
If you're waiting for people at the top
to just reach down and pull you up "because,",
then you are best instructed by the timeless wisdom
that teaches us, "God helps those who help themselves."
It is the first step to sharing with others while maintaining self.
There is no religion here, because the most knowledgeable man alive,
with more than fifteen thousand good books under his belt, some repeatedly,
has determined that you are religion; formal religions have too many deviances,
including our two oldest, strongest religions. Sorry, the conflicts prove it all.
Your financial wealth is likely to double in the next one hundred days.
The payment you're expected to make to us should be for food.
Don't send money here; send food to people near you.
If you have five steaks and you don't share one,
you are not the type of person worth meeting.
You will benefit little here, less there.
Who gives more tends to live more.
That exceeds the call and tone
of your poor irreligion.

MisterShortcut is pleased to introduce you to the Psychology of Shortcuts

The Psychology of Shortcuts and MisterShortcut share universal shortcuts for total winning.
When we imitate actions and attitudes of those repeatedly doing best, we tend to imitate their results.
Shapetalk and Shapetalking to Shapetalks and, all to help you reach YOUR ultimate score.

QRA is a Greatest Doctor Method Centerpiece - because it works!

Learning how to do the one-second energy test is a game-changer for your life. The Greatest Doctor Method warrants this.

Whether you learn it via BDORT or the easier, yet much more elegantly refined "QRA test, learning it is genuinely critical.
Make no mistake, this is NOT basic muscle-testing, the one-second energy test assays the body's bioenergetic strength.
Organs & glands, food, clothing, cellphones & fuseboxes, EVERYTHING is subject to the one-second energy test.

When you can instantly assess what makes you instantly test weak or strong, you can make much, much wiser decisions.
If holding your bed pillow, for example, against your chest makes you suddenly unable to hold thumb & finger tightly,
do you REALLY want to be sleeping with your face up against it for up to eight or more hours of sleeping? Really?

If a food that you enjoy, which, held against your chest makes you instantly unable to hold your O-ring tightly,
do you seriously think that such a food can extend the quality, let alone quantity of your life if you ingest it?

Learn about QRA testing, which only takes mere seconds to learn, and a couple of dozen practices to get good at.
Learn to do QRA testing, and see whether that expensive new supplement is wise for you to buy, or not purchase.

You cannot learn less about anything. True, or not?
Learn more, and you are more likely to live more.

QRA testing, and knowing how to skillfully use the QRA test, can extend the quantity and quality of your life.

Regulata and YOUR Psychology of Shortcuts

Again and again, we see that the ball's in YOUR court. Wise are you to embrace your Psychology of Shortcuts swiftly.
Permit yourself the expansion of mind and spirit required for your own version of the Psychology of Shortcuts.
Excellence cannot happen accidentally, as you're surely cognizant of... or certainly ought to be. Pursue excellence.
Each day, in each way, you see yourself getting better, better, and better, strictly by intent, never by accident.

You'll quickly notice that the more ardently you embrace the Psychology of Shortcuts, and Greatest Doctor Method as well,
the quicker and more certainly both the Psychology of Shortcuts and Greatest Doctor Method will reciprocate, on multiple levels.

Of the four, perhaps five most important cornerstones of both the Greatest Doctor Method and the Psychology of Shortcuts,
one which is common to both schools of thought is the notion and comprehension that, indeed, the ball is in YOUR court.

The Ball Is In Your Court At The Most Beautiful Website
Best Shortcuts of Masters and Millionaires

The Route Of Great Mastery is all about you.
Using the most beautiful web pages on the internet,
The Route Of Great Mastery is self-explanatory:
the best shortcuts to success,
the best shortcuts of masters and millionaires,
the best .

Most Beautiful Websites - The ball is in your court

The reason why it is said that the ball is in your court now is simple enough.
No one on this planet is going to play the ball that's in your court.
When the ball DOES come in your court, it's your control, your call.
Any list of the most beautiful websites are sure to include
the EyeCandy and Shapelinks of Mister-Shortcut,
with more than a million tasty pages by the EyeCandy Maestro.

We do welcome you to The Route Of Great Mastery
because we believe that you will vastly accelerate your results
using the best shortcuts of masters and millionaires.
As for whether The Route Of Great Mastery is the world's most beautiful website
is for you to decide.

One thing is sure: with more than two thousand web design awards for the various Masters and Millionaire websites,
all of them designed by Mister-Shortcut, it seems reasonable to figure that the final candidates of a true competition for "Most Beautiful Web Site" or "Most Beautiful Web Page"
would surely include your Godfather of EyeCandy

Best Doctors Does Not Always Mean Best Doctors ...
... more often it means "Best Earners"

Best doctors here and best doctors there,
the idea is to show the best doctors who share.
Best doctors are those who don't treat you like a dummy,
best doctors are those who care little for money.
Best doctors care enough to take their time,
concerned more with your health
than they are with the dime.

Teaching ourselves more about whatever may ail or concern us individually
has proven to be a powerful pathway to becoming our own best doctors.

As indisputably skilled as Dr. David Cohen proves as a naturopath,
as successful as he has been helping people help themselves,
naming him among the best doctors of his generation, naturopathic or otherwise,
DOES NOT RELIEVE YOU OF RESPONSIBILITY for becoming your own best doctor.

The best doctors studied by Dr. David Cohen UNIFORMLY prove to be naturopathically incline.
Many M.D.'s have consulted with Dr. Cohen on tough cases, including their own.
At the end of it all, the best doctors prove to reach for natural answers first.
Fifteen minutes per day learning about what specifically challenges YOU.
That's it. Learn from masters and champions who are succeeding, and voila!
Duplicate the actions of those who master, you duplicate their results, too.

"Best doctors" - an intimidating phrase to some.
Too often we confuse "best earners" with "best doctors."

It is wisest to become our own best doctors,
naturally, with wisdom and technology.
That's where we find the good ones,
who really are the best doctors.

Change the world by changing yourself. one click at a time.
Remember that Newton's 3rd Law of Physics is a cornerstone of The Route Of Great Mastery

The Route Of Great Mastery teaches that it is impossible to save lives...
without reaping repeated benefits you haven't a clue of beforehand.
Train yourself to stop forming opinions. They are true poison.
Opinions stop you from taking in newer, utile information.
The more you give, the more you get. That's a fact.
Giving silently MULTIPLIES your returns.
Live The Route Of Great Mastery .