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You're arrived at the world's greatest website for great shortcuts.
Built by one pair of hands, the Greatest Doctor Method is actually Over one thousand separate websites, with 1,000,000 unique and original web pages, all free, all for you to build greater and accelerated success with.

They are all for you because MrShortcut believes in your excellence.
Reading a book or two each day for fifteen thousand days and beyond, MrShortcut shares with you the Secrets and Shortcuts of champions billionaires masters and millionaires. There are masters and millionaires and champions and billionaires using shortcuts in every human endeavor.

These are their high-powered shortcuts, Powergems, of our masters, millionaires, champions, and billionaires... 5,200 of them interviewed one at a time.
There is no doubt in the mind of Mister Shortcut that you were born to succeed, born to win.
Today is the most powerful day of your life -- because it's the ONLY day in which you can take action.

Stop whining and complaining about what you don't have.   The world is indeed your oyster, and now it's your time, your turn, your day to begin using more of the resources so abundantly within your grasp.

Enough delay, enough chatter. Jump into the Greatest Doctor Method of Masters and Millionaires. It is ALL for you, and free for your life. And, remember, these PowerGems, these magnificent shortcuts of top achievers, and one-conditionally guaranteed.

The one condition?       You have to use them, of course, How to succeed and achieve faster, better results ... are nothing more, or less, than using effective shortcuts

Masters and millionaires are the best possible source of information, the horse's mouth, on shortcuts.

SleepGems - Dreamt By The Greatest Doctor Method

For every day of your life, you sleep about one-third.
Therefore, in thirty years, you have slept for ten years.
So you can say that you have actually lived for twenty years.
Do you understand this as fully as you think you do? Pay heed.
You don't even think that you've slept ten years of your life away.
How challenging is it and how challenging it is to comprehend such loss.
At seventy-five, even thought you're fortunate to still be alive, you've lost.
Twenty-five years of your life, slept away. What a staggering waste to some of us,
because we add in years, literally years stolen with nuisance activities, petty chats, etc.
Y'see, those who have slept but an hour or three per day have actually lived that much more.
A magnificent trick of hyper-productivity that may qualify as a full PowerGem is a result of health!
The pursuit of finding the healthiest balance revealed the clear fact that sleep is poorly reported on.
All these doctors and scientists telling us that we require six or seven or more hours of sleep to thrive.
This is perfectly and without exception the opposite of the truth, which you are now allowed to adopt.

The Route Of Great Mastery and Psychology Longevity - Best Bumper Cars!

Understanding the need for infants to get very real rest from the magnficence of accelerated learning,
where the child is taking in thousands of times as much information each day as the child's parent,
you can find many children with insomnia who thrive. Not coincidentally, they get more educated.
The focus on exceptions to a rule is how we learn to make unprecedented improvements in life.
Sleep is a great example. For starters, make no mistake about the following asseveration.
The more you sleep, the sooner your brain will degenerate, and the sooner you will die.
Consider the words of America's first self-made millionaire. What a title to possess!
He was a pesky child, and rarely slept. You know that Benjamin Franklin thrived.
What you probably do know is that Franklin gave us this PowerGem on food.
"The less you eat, the longer you live." How does food relate to SleepGems?
That's easy: EVERY time The Route Of Great Mastery encounters wisdom,
The Route Of Great Mastery embracer knows to take that second look.
Most great wisdom works most efficiently, even hyper-productively,
when it is applied in combination with any other true PowerGem.
Here, The Route Of Great Mastery and Greatest Doctor Method collide.
What a magnificent thing, combining two of our strongest schools of thought.
I realized years ago, as you will realize from this moment forward, a staggering truth.
The most profound influences on aging are diet and stress. No other comes even close.
The third influence is sleep. Outside of high-stress events, sleep produces the aging signs.
Yes, indeed. When you wake up in the morning, you will notice the aging. You have slept too long.
It is universally known that the human body and mind work better when in a moderate state of tension.
When you sleep for more than a large handful of minutes, your body relaxes more and more, past the healing.
The healing factors that multiply during sleep do so because your mind and body are not distracted with other efforts.

Shortcuts and PowerGems - the path to accelerated excellence.

Remember 911day.     Keep our heroes alive by  LIVING,   DOING  more!   

The Secrets and Shortcuts of Our masters and champions - role models

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Nice to know you can make a difference
Corporate sponsors purchase 1.1 cups of staple food for starving people as a result of our free clicks.
When you click this food button and the one that pops open you save a human life... at no charge to you.
There is no more noble effort within The Route Of Great Mastery .   What goes around....

Your words mean so little in the face of your deeds:
every last action is a full planted seed.
Standing alone, aside from the rest,
This is your chance,
this is YOUR test.
If you knew better,
you'd show it by doing
more than than you are,
while cockle and doodling.
What you do speaks so loudly
we cannot hear
a word that you say, so whisper, my dear.
Don't tell us, we're tired of meaningless chattter,
better to show us, when YOU'RE the next batter.
Not on deck waiting, not preparing and belaying,
we wish to see action, take the place of delaying.
This is your time and this is your chance,
to engage yourself in a far greater dance.

THAT is a secret to accelerated wealth, and it also applies to greater health and more.
If you knew more, you're do more, we're sure, until then a closed mouth is your surest cure.
Listen to those who do best, my friend, and you're guaranteed to improve your results by your end.
Greatest of all shortcuts is the shortcut of now, asking this minute of someone, somewhere, somehow.

If there's absolutely no one around you to ask for help, you're in a seriously lonely place.
Billionaires are defined as people who ask more people more times each for whatever it is they want.
Billionaires are people who ask more people for what they want, and ask them more times each.
Far and above, it is the single most powerful law and payoff for any member of humankind.
Unless you've broken more world records than MisterShortcut, where is your credibility?
180,000,000 anonymous, unpaid seconds of excellence invested into YOUR success.
You possess literally magical powers; you are now invited to use them consistently.
If you, in truth, know better than billionaires, why are your results not world-class?
If you, pray tell, do not know better than billionaires, why do you not ape them?
Why do you hesitate to take the same exact step that they have all taken?
One single step. Asking more people more times each for… whatever.
It doesn't even matter what it is that you want or feel you need.
By asking more people for helping in getting or achieving it,
by asking each one of those people more times each,
you absolutely guarantee that you will attain more.
There are no known exceptions to this truism.
MisterShortcut promises this will deliver:
Great shortcuts deliver repetitively.
Your PowerGems are universal.
Asking: the ultimate power.
Power is what you do,
not what you know.
Use your power.
Ask more.

Learning more leads to living more, especially with The Route Of Great Mastery .
It was designed to empower people to empower themselves, by the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You 

These are the best shortcuts of masters and millionaires,
the best shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
and without a doubt YOUR best shortcuts to succeeding.

Enjoy. It's all here for your life.