And so, it turns out that the largest website in the world comes from none other than the finite confines of Boro Park. Get a load of all the world records that one website manages to shatter, and in several cases, establish for perhaps a generation or more to come. In these days of jaded adjectival excesses, where too many descriptions of people, events, and circumstances end in "est," it's admittedly exciting to see a human effort achieve so many superlatives. For starters, it's the largest one-man website that may ever exist. Imagine a bright man who believes in using fifty-five minutes of every hour focusing as if it's the last hour of his life... maintaining this pace for some sixteen and more hours per day, three hundred and sixty-four days per year... for eleven years, as often as not operating several computers simultaneously. The only rule? No one can touch the actual web pages he's building. However many people want to help, no one's allowed to edit or change a thing. The result? The Route Of Great Mastery of Masters and Millionaires, Champions and Billionaires. The Route Of Great Mastery at last count had four hundred and ten thousand unique pages, and more than seven hundred and ten thousand mirror pages, with changes made in every page so that they observe search engine rules of protocol and courtesy. Spread across hundreds of domains and many more hundreds of so-called "free subdomains," it appears that everybody wins with The Route Of Great Mastery . The search engines get web pages that are content-rich, original, relevant, and attracitvely interactive, which makes the site "sticky," an industry word for a site that successfully achieves repeat visitors, which is more important than one-time visitors. Secondly, all the free subdomains have advertising links provided by the generous hosts who provide computer space and bandwidth for the sites, and because of the high visitor count, a better chance of selling to the visitors. Third in the base trilogy of benficiaries is the visitor, who receive a triple benefit. First, the sites are rich with the best health and wealth tips and shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, unusually healthy, and long-lived people, Second, they are presented in web page environments that are so visually stunning and so much fun to interact with that the sites have won many thousands of web design awards, including some that are considered highly desirable. Third, the visitor gets a chance to not only change their own lives, as well they get to save a human life without spending a dime! In keeping with tradition, the fourth benefit is the best of all. The Route Of Great Mastery is proving to be one of the four or five most successful philanthropic efforts.... of the past five thousand years! There are an estimated five hundred thousand - yes, half a million - cute little food buttons that change color when you move your mouse over them. These food buttons link to thehungersite,com, where corporate sponsors actually purchase 1.1 cups of food for every visitor who clicks on the food button at thehungersite's front page. Providing tens of thousands of clickthroughs per day, the site's designer reportedly claimed to have achieved the childhood goal of becoming "the richest person on earth," based on the belief that wealth is predicated not on how much you gather, rather how much you can distribute. All based on yet another triad of factors, The Route Of Great Mastery and the Greatest Doctor Method promotes knowledge for the sake of helping people, and they don't charge a dime. Even better, these shortcuts and tips are presented in an enviroment that is both unprecedented, and to date unduplicated anywhere on the internet. The birth of a new art form, called "Shapelinks" is enough to convince The jaded that effective science does not have to exclude artistic creativity.