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Masters and Millionaires Shortcuts

There is simply no good reason for you to continue living a mediocre life. You have so many resources right under your nose that you're not making full use of. Those resources will catapult you into YOUR more favored arenas when you just give them a chance, just like the muscles in your arms or legs. For the vast, even overwhelming majority of humans, it's not even a question of how to achieve it, it's a question of deciding just what it is you want. Once we have that piece of information, we can find a match, two matches, ten matches, even a thousand: THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY SUCCEEDED AT WHAT YOU'D LIKE TO BE TOPS AT!!

Look, if you are not yet a master or millionaire in your field, a champion or billionaire, you have absolutely no right to voice an opinion on how to do it successfully for the simple reason that you don't know what you're talking about. If you knew better, you'd do better. The Greatest Doctor Method is for you to tap into on a daily basis. Pump yourself up, because the success rate of those who use any two or more of these shortcuts is in the area of one hundred percent.

There are people who pursue their highest calling with passion, and there are people who do not. We already KNOW what you are.... because of whatever you've done on a daily basis for perhaps hundreds of weeks now.

It is the final dividing line between where you are now, and understanding the most critical, instantaneous forward motion toward supersuccess: those who know what to do, and those who shut up and do it.

Just like the thousands of Winners I've interviewed, and thousands more I've studied, your life is perfect proof of virtually every word you're reading. Stupid people are those who know exactly what to do; smart people are those who shut up and do it. Most people get only one life to live. Is it fair for us to say that you yourself will probably only live one life? Have you estimated how many Augusts and Septembers you have left?     If you only have one of something, don't you want to treat it differently than you do something you have many of?     Do you understand (which means, do you ACT as if you understand) that life, like a piece of bread or light bulb, is made up of smaller components that are combined? With bread, it's the smaller components of flour, water, and heat.
With the light bulb, it's a piece of wire, a couple of supports, a wire band, glass.

With regard to your life, the smaller components are what we call seconds, which rapidly become minutes and years.

Just as we can take a light bulb or piece of plastic and add it to other items to be part of a truck, the individual seconds of your life, and mine, and everyone who lives and breathes, those seconds become hours, days, weeks, months, and years. Add up all the items, and the total is called "My Life." Because we add different amounts of different ingredients, the final product is also different.

Since you or somebody else paid for this presentation, it makes sense to use it. In the next handful of minutes, let's draft out a proposed plan for your life. Yes, you. Five minutes. Ten minutes. You are busier with something more important than the rest of your life?

Please remember that, unlike the games you pay to watch other people play, there are no timeouts.
The clock of life does not stop.
The clock of life never stops.
That's why masters and millionaires use this powerful shortcut, and so many other successful shortcuts.

Go ahead!   Write in the margins if you have to. PUT IT ON PAPER. It is one of the more remarkable of all the great shortcuts of power: it must be written. Never mind what's in your head. Does no good until it's outside of your head, under your control. For your sake. Scribble ideas and wishes in the margins. Margins are there for a reason! A tree died for that margin. Justify that pain and loss by building something new from and with it.

Everything important you ever do in your life you plan, from graduations and holidays to international travel.

In minutes, we begin drafting a plan for the most important journey of all: YOUR LIFE.

Stop and think about it: ever been to a wedding? I would suppose that no less than 95% of all weddings go off wonderfully. Every wonder why? Think there might be a connection to the fact that the wedding or other affair was so carefully planned? The color and folding of the napkins or type of lettering on the invitations to the honeymoon suite reservations, et alia: the event is planned, on paper.

It's broken down to smaller steps, correct?

Would you even dream of trying to make a three-day deadline to travel 1500 miles without a definite, clear, written plan, sometimes referred to as 'a map;' sometimes referred to as 'Give me the directions?" Of course not. You make the deadline specifically because you knew precisely where you were going, you learned which road to take, and then you persisted, even when you got lost, ran out of gas, or suffered other obstacles.

When you come to a red light, you stop your car (hopefully). At that moment, your forward momentum has stopped. In point of provable fact, your trip has come, literally, to a halt. Do you end the trip? Do you turn around and go home? Well, before you sneer, stop and consider how many times in your life you may have taken a first step, even a second, third, or ninth step towards doing or acquiring something, and suddenly your trip came to a halt. Proving once again that ninety-three percent of us are too stupid to act upon the knowledge that 100% of us possess, you quit. Because you quit, you failed, not the other way around. In any and every worthwhile thing you personally have ever accomplished, and repeated at will, it is exclusively because you knew precisely what you wanted, you knew what you had to do to get there, and you did it as many times as it took to get it done. Now, we get to use your skills for higher achievements, with results appearing as soon as the next hour or less... of YOUR life.

Just get the recipe correct. As it is when we work with a map-in-progress, or a blueprint for erecting a building, we work backwards, live forwards. You would not bake a cake without a specific, QUANTIFIED recipe. You would not dream of driving to another city without a map. You would not consider building a house without a blueprint. How could you possibly think of treating your life as something not worthy of building, rather than just taking as it comes?

What is the most common factor here that you can to your immediate and long-term and repeat advantage?

Put yourself into the mindset of masters and millionaires. Invest a few minutes or even half a minute pretending that you already are counted among your generation's masters and millionaires. You're likely to impress at least yourself with what you are capable of producing within your mind.

When you think as masters and millionaires do, it means you are persistently looking for your greatest shortcuts, or better yet, the greatest shortcuts of the masters and millionaires who came before you.

Think as masters and millionaires do, and you will produce at least similar if not identical ideas and shortcuts and plans.... which is a powerful, encouraging, and certainly a promising way to duplicate or near-duplicate their greatest results.

When you put on your "masters and millionaires" shoes to walk a mile in the shoes of people who are yielding the results you desire and aim for, the most common trait of weddings and graduations and architectural blueprints that work out nicely... you tend to produce better results. Even people who have traditionally and habitually scored low on life's primary assays suddenly, and, often, dramatically outperform all prior expectations.

Map to a geographical location? Blueprint for a house or other building? A well-made cake? What is the commonality?BR>
They are written, and they are capable of being measured by QUANTIFIABLE smaller steps. Period. 45,000 pages of research are crunched into 2100 pages. Quantifiable. Enough material for ten books. When you ask better questions, you persistently get better answers, whether you're asking the question of yourself, or someone else. It works. It works well, it works consistently, it works for approximately everyone who employs this magnificent shortcut of masters and millionaires. Use it.

  • Precisely (meaning precisely) what do I want?
  • By what date?

  • What five smaller chunks of achievability can I break this into?
  • Who can I ask for help?
  • What first measurable step can I take in the next five days?

Put your answers IN WRITING , and you now see the map to your own highly-accelerated success in any and every human endeavor. PLUS, it provides the brain with a magic, nearly-indefinable measure of fuel to take action on these answers. When we map things out, they become simpler, easier to understand, easier to believe in, and the results follow as an uncomplicated - or 'de-complicated'- chain of graspable steps, each following as naturally as breathing or tying your shoes.
There isn't even any need for you to necessarily believe or not believe in this life-changing, truly magical shortcut, because you can and certainly will prove them right or wrong... ... AFTER you've put them to the test.
The Route Of Great Mastery can safely assure you that, when you inquire of one hundred or one hundred thousand "self-made" millionaires, one at a time, how they got to be a millionaire, the majority of them will tell you that they had, and/or still have, a written plan.
MisterShortcut personally asked several thousands of millionaires that question, one at a time, and more than ninety percent of them included  "WRITTEN PLAN"    as one of their answers.
If you really do know better than thousands of millionaires how to go about becoming a millionaire, feel free to tell us -- oops, feel free to SHOW US -- that you know better. If not, we suggest you grab a pen and paper, now, this minute, and begin that magnificent journey to a phenomenally happier life... starting today.

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Have YOU seen anyone achieving and excelling by accident?
Excellence is a choice, excellence is a decision!

Excellence never happens accidentally, not for masters and millionaires, and assuredly not for you, either.
When we follow the rules that Life (and masters and millionaires) set out for us, we multiply our probabilities.
If excellence is no accident, then neither is success, so, wise is a person who humbly accepts big shortcuts.
Total Winning becomes a much easier concept to grasp, and to fulfill, when we use genuinely universal shortcuts.
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