Health and Philanthropy Add these to more than one hundred other large websites on natural, healthy and powerful approaches to health and wealth, and you’ve got one of the world’s greatest and healthiest websites. Entitled “” they are the gift of Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC, one of America’s top doctors of naturopathic medicine, based in Brooklyn on 47th Street in Boro Park.  We’d be hard-put to find even one medical doctor who is duplicating this man’s achievements. His “specialty” appears to be hopeless cases that turn out to be not so hopeless after all. Plus, there’s a special twist to the story that has to warm your heart.


As those of you who’ve read other articles about Dr. Cohen here and elsewhere already know,  truly tough cases continue to benefit from Dr. Cohen’s range of technology and wisdom . Just two months ago, an M.D. in Arizona who saw Dr. Cohen’s websites called for an appointment because no conventional medical approach had helped him deal with four years of headaches that were interfering with his own medical practice. One day after speaking with Dr. Cohen, he flew to NY, and obtained relief – get this – in one single visit!  He has subsequently called twice for the sole purpose of thanking Dr. Cohen, because the headaches have not returned.


 For all of the international interest in the health and wealth shortcuts shared throughout Dr. Cohen’s network of websites, there’s another feature of this man’s efforts that  has not yet gained notice, and should be mentioned.


On many thousands of pages throughout the Greatest Doctor Method websites, you’ll find cute little food buttons that change color when you move your mouse over them. Clicking these food buttons and the new food button that pops up (called a “clickthrough”) stimulates a corporate donation of 1.1 cups of food for starving people. At last count, Dr. Cohen’s websites are seen to produce an average of forty to ninety THOUSAND cups of food per day, making it one of the most successful philanthropic efforts anywhere in the world. All at no charge to you, the visitor! It’s just wonderful what technology is doing for the human race today.


It is also technology that has helped Dr. Cohen develop his international reputation for helping people who come to him from places as diverse as London and Las Vegas, Tel Aviv and Lod, Williamsburg and Washington. The Bodyscan measures the energy level of every organ and tissue in the body, and how that organ or tissue responds to the electrical signature of more than 10,000 different substances. Combined with Dr. Cohen’s thirty years of searching and finding the best of natural supplements and approaches, technology merely adds to the foundations of natural approaches – common sense and successful experience.


 As the Bodyscan2010 continues to earn increased respect, so too does the list grow of people who are anxious to regain their health naturally, with fewer of the invasive surgeries and pharmaceutical drugs that have a too-long list of dangerous side effects. When we see Americans spending 28 billion dollars in a single year for naturopathic remedies, it means that the number of people using natural approaches is not merely increasing; it’s multiplying. One out of four hospitals in America today offers alternative remedies in addition to their conventional approaches.


Each Bodyscan appointment is followed by free follow-ups where you get more involved in the process of healing yourself rather than merely following orders to take pharmaceuticals that sometimes work and sometimes don’t.


During this season of giving, it’s hard to think of any gift more worthy of our loved ones than the gift of natural approaches to healing yourself of whatever ails you.  A Bodyscan Gift Certificate is a powerful, loving gift.


If you or a loved one has ANY health challenge that doesn’t seem to quit, or you simply wish to do everything possible to take natural preventative measures BEFORE health challenges occur, you’re urged to make an appointment, because there’s no better pharmacy in the world than the one that’s built-in to your system. 


Next time you’re online, go to any search engine you like, and ask for “the world’s healthiest website”, or the “ Greatest Doctor Method ”, or “top doctors in NY”. At all major search engines, you’ll see for yourself which sites are ranked the highest and most popular. As much as you may learn from these stunningly beautiful websites such as (or even .com, .net, .US), you’re politely reminded of the request that you click a food button, saving a life at no charge to you!


Happy Holidays to one and all.  Learn more to live more to give more.

Best Doctors Does Not Always Mean Best Doctors ...
... more often it means "Best Earners"

Best doctors here and best doctors there,
the idea is to show the best doctors who share.
Best doctors are those who don't treat you like a dummy,
best doctors are those who care little for money.
Best doctors care enough to take their time,
concerned more with your health
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Teaching ourselves more about whatever may ail or concern us individually
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GoChi Goji Juice Sites From The Psychology of Longvity

Dr. Cohen demonstrates belief in the value of GoChi Goji juice.
First, David Cohen drinks GoChi GoJo juice every day of his life.
The Greatest Doctor Method demands following your own advice.
Secondg, he has chosen to become a distributor of GoChi Goji juice.
Third, he promotes his GoChi Goji juice website at Also, he is hosting additional GoChi Goji juice websites, to promulgate GoJi.
The basis of the Greatest Doctor Method GoChi Goji Juice websites are thus:
Hopefully and expectedly, additional goji sites will grow via subdomains.
At the bottom of every page of life is the reminder for us to take care.
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This juice has proven to be of great value to our healthy lives.
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Greatest Doctor Method and Route Of Great Mastery Prove No Accident In Excellence
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The more you intentionally embrace the Route Of Great Mastery and Greatest Doctor Method ,
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Excellence cannot happen by accident. Oil is a great example of intentional excellence.

You may know that fried oil, hydrogenated oil, in fact, many oils are bad for your body.
They oxidize (rust) whatever tissue and tissue containers they come in contact with.

So, if you ARE eating something with rancid oils, including all roasted nuts,
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effect a profound difference by drinking a spoon or two of a good oil.
Organic olive oil (extra virgin only), good coconut or krill or fish oil,
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